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Tax Assessor

Tax Assessor 

John E. Butow

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The Borough of Oceanport is under contract with Realty Data Systems (RDS) to inspect a designated portion of all properties located in the Borough each year.

These inspections enable the Borough to maintain accurate property records used to complete annual reassessments, which are a critical component in the fair distribution of taxes. 

A notification was mailed to all property owners subject to an inspection this year, which contained instructions for contacting RDS to complete a “remote virtual” (RV) interior inspection which requires no entry.

The RV is user-friendly, requires no app downloads and can be completed by calling (732) 719-2265 from your smart phone at any time between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday (no appointments required).  Please make sure you are at your property when calling.

Inspectors will also visit your property to conduct a full exterior (front and rear) inspection which includes photographs. 

During that visit, an interior walkthrough will be offered (if an RV has not previously been completed), and you will again receive printed instructions for completing an RV if that is your preference.  A door hanger containing those instructions will be left at each property for which an owner/occupant is not present.

During walkthroughs inspectors will respect social-distancing and wear masks when inside any property.

Property visits will take place between 9am and dusk, Monday-Saturday, and all personnel will carry photo ID.  Our office and the Police Dept. possess all inspector background and other pertinent information.

Following RDS’ visit, a final mailing will be made to all property owners who have not yet completed an interior inspection.  While physical walkthroughs will not be scheduled after that time, RV inspections will continue to be available for a limited period.

If for any reason you would like to refuse an interior inspection, please visit www.rdsnj.com, click “Appointments” and select the REFUSAL FORM. 

Please note that if an interior inspection is not completed, my office may need to make estimates that could result in an inaccurate property record or tax assessment, and Monmouth County may limit your rights during any assessment appeal.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Tax Assessor Department Information


The responsibilities of the Assessor’s Office include maintaining various data on all properties located in the City. This information includes, ownership, mailing address, location, year built, lot sizes, and characteristics of the structure. The Assessor’s Office adjusts assessments accordingly, due to changes, such as demolitions, appeals, subdivisions, or improvements. In addition, the Assessor along with his staff reviews all property transfers and updates these records. The Assessor's Office also provides applications for and answers questions about state mandated property tax deduction programs.

All Assessment information can be obtained from the following address:


If an individual believes their assessment is inequitable, they may discuss this with the Assessor.  All appeals for current year must be filed with the Monmouth County Tax Board at the Hall of Records, Freehold, NJ, on or before January 15th of the current tax year.  All appeals from added assessments for new construction, additions, or alterations for the current year must be filed with the Monmouth County Tax Board on or before Dec. 1ST of the current year.