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Folder Ordinances - Adopted

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pdf #01046 An Ordinance Amending Alcoholic Beverages for Investigative Procedures
pdf #01045 An Ordinance Amending Salary Ranges for Police Chief & OEM Director
pdf #01044 Ordinance Amending the Land Development Ordinance Concerning Nonconformities
pdf #01043 Amendment to Property Maintenance Code for Housing & Commercial Certificates of Continued Occupancy
pdf #01042 An Ordinance Amending Parks & Recreation 279 Permits for Facility Use
pdf #01041 An Ordinance Amending Salary Range for Control Person TACO position
pdf #01040 Ordinance Amending Chapter 286 Peddlers & Solicitation
pdf #01039 Ordinance Prohibiting Operation of Any Class of Cannabis Business
pdf #01038 2021 Capital Bond Ordinance
pdf #01037 2021 CAP Bank Ordinance
pdf #01036 An Ordinance Amending Salary Range for Tax Collector
pdf #01035 An Ordinance to Increase Fees for Liquor Licenses
pdf #01034 An Ordinance Repealing & Replacing Stormwater Control Ordinance
pdf #01033 An Ordinance Amending Fire Prevention rev2
pdf #01032 - An Ordinance to Amend the Salary Ordinance
pdf #01031 Capital Ordinance for Radio Tower at New Complex
pdf #01030 Ordinance Adopting & Codifying the Land Development Ordinance
pdf #01029 - Ordinance Amending the Salary Ranges for Borough Employees & Officials
pdf #01028 - Ordinance Approving a P.I.L.O.T. Agreement with KKF University Enterprises Urban Renewal LLC
pdf #01027 - Ordinance Providing for Construction of Public, On-Street Parking for Portions of Crescent Place