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The following list of forms, permits and license applications is provided for your convenience.  Each document is noted as being an online form or a PDF.  They may also be obtained in hard copy from the department noted for each form.  Please fill out the PDFs that are fillable on your computer for optimal legibility and then print it. If you need the free Adobe Reader® software to view the PDFs, click here.  (Some of the forms may be seasonal.  This means that the prior year's form may be posted for your reference only.  When the form is updated, it will be reloaded to this page.  Be sure to check back later.)

Forms that you can submit online require the creation of an account to participate using the SDL Portal  (Directions)  Once you have submitted your online request, you will be able to log in again to track the current status of your request online.  *Please note that you should be sure to save your account information – user name and password.

Borough Clerk PDF  Online 
Absentee Ballot Application  Monmouth County (English) YES  
Absentee Ballot Application - Monmouth County (Spanish) YES  
Boat Launch Facility Permit Application    YES
Business/Mercantile License Application    YES
Cat License    YES
Dog License    YES
Garage/Yard Sale    YES
Landlord Registration YES  
Landscaper Permit YES  YES
Special Events Permit Application YES  
Street Opening / Right of Way Disturbance Permit YES  
Volunteer / Call to Service Application YES  

Code Enforcement PDF Online
Report A Concern      YES
Zoning Application     YES

Construction PDF Online
Construction Permit Application YES  
Consent to Undertake Proposed Work YES  
Home Elevation Contractor Certification YES  
Electrical Subcode Permit YES  
Mechanical Inspection Form YES  
Elevator Subcode Form YES   
Fire Protection Subcode Permit YES  
Building Subcode Permit YES  
Plumbing Subcode Permit YES  
Air Barrier and Insulation Checklist YES  
Demolition and Waste Removal Application    
Framing Checklist YES  
Application for Certificate YES  
Application for Variation YES  

Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal (Shared Service with City of Long Branch) PDF Online
Cooking Permit YES  
Fire Safety Permit YES  
Open Burn Permit YES  
Tents, Canopies, etc Permit YES  

Planning Board PDF Online
Land Development Application YES  
Affidavit for Proof of Service YES  
Public Hearing Notice YES  
W-9 Form YES  
Escrow Agreement YES  
Instructions for Complete Application YES  

Vital Statistics PDF Online
Application for License (Marriage, Remarriage, Civil Union, Reaffirmation of Civil Union) YES  
Application for Vital Record  YES