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Office of the Mayor - COVID-19 Update No. 4

MARCH 19, 2020                 COVID-19 UPDATE NO. 4            


Given the fact that the news media and social media provide us with non-stop, up to the minute accounts of what is transpiring around the world, we are going to try to use these updates to serve as (a) a summary of the latest COVID-19 developments as they relate to municipal services and (b) a source document from which the latest information being provided to our municipality by Federal, State and County agencies can be summarized and/or accessed.


1.Municipal Council Meetings: We will be holding our regularly scheduled Municipal Council meeting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at the Maple Place School.  This meeting will be conducted in its usual fashion, but we ask that the public attend an participate in the meeting “remotely.”

The Borough of Oceanport's Emergency Management Coordinator has determined that the public's attendance at the March 19, 2020 public meeting of the Oceanport Borough Council would pose a risk to the health, safety and welfare of the public. The State of New Jersey has provided authority for a public entity to proceed with a remote-only meeting through the use of communication equipment that would still allow for the public's participation.

To that end, the Mayor and Council have implemented a protocol whereby the public will be able to not only view this meeting, but participate remotely in it as well. The 7:00 pm, March 19, 2020 regular meeting will be televised on FIOS Channel 28, live-streamed on the Oceanport Resident's Facebook Page and live streamed on the Borough’s website.

In order to PARTICIPATE in the meeting remotely, however, members of the public are asked to clink on the link below. Once you click on the link, you will be brought to a Borough of Oceanport remote participation website. If you would like to comment during the public comment section or comment during an ordinance hearing, you must register on the website and type your question into the "Chat or questions" section. You will be placed on mute until it is your turn to comment or ask your question.

To register for viewing and participation in tonight’s meeting, please click here:


  1. Parks & Recreation Facilities: As previously stated, the Borough is in a unique situation being a provider of social and other public services, and therefore must act with an abundance of caution. The Municipal Excess Liability Joint Insurance Fund in which the Borough is a participant has recommended that “playgrounds, athletic fields and courts, and similar park facilities that encourage group activities be closed and stay closed until the Governor lifts the Emergency Declaration.”

We have decided to keep the Borough’s public parks, playgrounds and sports facilities open, but we need the help of every resident  --- parents and children included --- to prevent the spread of the virus by practicing “social distancing” while using the public parks, playgrounds and sports facilities.  In the event that we observe a failure of the public to observe proper “social distancing” while using Oceanport’s public parks, playgrounds and sports facilities, we will close the playgrounds and sports facilities and limit the use of the parks to passive and/or non-interactive uses.   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS WHILE USING OUR PUBLIC PARKS, PLAYGROUNDS and SPORTS FACILITIES.

To that end, please follow the following protocols when using the Borough’s recreational facilities:

  1. Do not use the recreational facilities if you are not feeling well.
  2. Groups of more than 10 persons are prohibited.
  3. Maintain at least 6 feet social distance between users.
  4. Wash your hands as soon as possible. Don’t touch your face.
  5. Park hours are dawn to dusk with the exception of the tennis courts.
  6. If you use the pitching screens, PUT THEM BACK.

If we see violations of the above, we will have no other choice but to close the parks down except for passive use.

  1. Municipal Buildings & Related Facilities: All previous restrictions and protocols set forth in COVID-19 UPDATE #2 remain in effect until further notice.


  1. Miscellany: I will be participating in a COVID-19 centered conference call with the County on March 20, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. and will provide an update subsequent to the call.


  1. Oceanport Board of Education: The BOE’s COVID-19 Emergency Closure Plan and other school related COVID-19 documentation can be seen on the BOE’s website at: https://www.oceanport.k12.nj.us/.




  • The State of New Jersey has been under a State of Emergency Declaration since March 9, 2020 in connection with the COVID-19 virus. The actual text of the Governor’s Executive Order No. 104 can be seen here: https://nj.gov/infobank/eo/056murphy/pdf/EO-104.pdf
  • If you believe you are sick with the novel Coronavirus, please call the 24-hour hotline currently operated by the State of New Jersey at 1-800-222-1222.


  • As of 9:00 a.m. today, there are 32 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Monmouth County. For the latest County of Monmouth coronavirus updates, click here: https://co.monmouth.nj.us/page.aspx?ID=5012&mode=1
  • All Monmouth County Library branches and the Monmouth County Park System buildings are closed to the public until further notice.
  • Public access is restricted to all Monmouth County owned or operated buildings with the exception of the Monmouth County Division of Social Services (MCDSS). For MCDSS, protections will be put into place to ensure that there is no physical contact between Monmouth County employees and the residents seeking services.
  • The Monmouth County Health Department’s phone bank (732-845-2070) is open to residents who have any questions and concerns about COVID-19 or need to talk to someone about how this situation is affecting them. Crisis Counselors from the Monmouth County Division of Behavioral Health are available through the phone banks to help residents who may be experiencing stress or anxiety due to the evolving situation.

We will continue our regular, daily practice of communication and conference calls with all levels of government to ensure that the Borough of Oceanport receives and acts upon the best and most updated information about COVID-19 and the associated risk factors. Right now, the best we can offer is that you should be washing your hands, limiting personal contact and keeping yourself aware of the latest COVID-19 related developments by accessing the County’s, CDC’s and the State Department of Health’s websites.  Again, if you believe you are sick with the novel Coronavirus, please call the 24-hour hotline currently operated by the State of New Jersey at 1-800-222-1222.


Jay Coffey

Mayor of Oceanport

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