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Planning Board APPLICATIONS for Public Inspection

Members of the public are advised that public inspection of applications for upcoming hearings are available at least 10 days prior to the hearing date by contacting the Board Secretary at 732-222-8221 or by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to schedule an in-person inspection at Borough Hall, 910 Oceanport Way, Oceanport, NJ during posted business hours. 

Members of the public may also request to receive a hard copy of the plans and application materials by mail, subject to any standard fees or charges.  

For convenience, members of the public are further advised that the following application documents are made available for viewing but are not a substitute for public inspection requirements pursuant with law.

Pursuant with N.J.A.C. 5:39-1.4(e) any presentations or documents that would otherwise be viewed or made available to members of the public physically attending a local public body meeting shall be made visible on a video broadcast of the remote public meeting or made available on this website page. If a document would be made available to individual members of the public in hard copy while physically attending the meeting, the document will be made available in advance of the meeting on this website page.



43 Elizabeth Ave 139 24 PB2021-04 Engineer's Review_05-05-2021.pdf

PB2021-04 Variance Application Plot Plan 43 Elizabeth Drive (1).pdf

PB2021-04 Architecturals rev 3_04.13.21_Redacted.pdf

PB2021-04_Survey of Property_04.19.2021.pdf
5 Balmer Court 65.01 1.11 PB2021-01 Engineer's review -complete.pdf

PB2021-01 Pool Plan 210209.pdf
74 Cayuga Ave 27 9 PB2020-01 Engineer's Review #3 210121.pdf

PB2020-01 Revised Variance Plan signed 12_11_20.pdf

PB2020-01 final_as_built_survey_dpk.pdf
05-11-2021 CARRIED
26 Oneida Ave 30 1 PB2021-03 Engineer's Review_04.23.2021.pdf


PB2021-03 Survey of Property_07.12.2018.pdf
Signal & Oceanport Avenues 110 1 PB2020-07 PRESENTATION EXHIBIT 4-27-21-5041457-v1.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison Hall Rendering REV_Page_3_4.15.2021.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison Hall Rendering REV_Page_2_4.15.2021.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison Hall Rendering REV_Page 1_4.15.2021.pdf

PB2020-07 Site Plan_Allison_Hall_REV_8.pdf

PB2020-07 Landscape Plan_Allison_Hall_REV_8.pdf

PB2020-07 Rear Entry Images 4-15-21.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison Hall Redevelopment_Revision 1_04.15.2021.pdf

PB2020-07 Engineer's Review #2_210219.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison_Hall_Presentation_2-18-21.pdf

PB2020-07 Site Plan_Allison Hall REV 7 2.4.21.pdf

PB2020-07 Revised Traffic Study -AllisonHallTrafficStudyFeb2021.pdf

PB2020-07 Stormwater Report Rev 4_JB 2.4.21.pdf

PB2020-07 EIS.pdf

PB2020-07 Allison Hall MCR - Final Sept 2020.pdf
04-27-2021 APPROVED 
15 Ticonderoga Ave 32 9 PB2020-30 Engineer's Review Letter 03.22.21.pdf

PB2020-30 Architectural Plans, 2 sheets, 08.17.2020_Redacted.pdf

PB2020-30 Variance, Building Permit & Grading Plan 12-22-20.pdf

PB2020-30 Location & Topographic Survey 08.12.2020.pdf
04-13-2021 APPROVED
675 Oceanport Way 110 1 PB2020-29 - Engineering Review #2; B110 L1 (002).pdf

PB2020-29 Rendering - Phases II & III Overall 032321.pdf

PB2020-29 Rendering - Phase I 032321.pdf

PB2020-29 Phasing Exhibit 032321.pdf

PB2020-29 Commissary Phase I MCR-Supplemental.pdf

PB2020-29 Phase I - Commissary SW Compliance Statement - 021521.pdf

PB2020-29 Traffic Impact Analysis.3.9.21-4955840-v1.pdf

PB2020-29 Environmental Impact Statement wExhibits-4955861-v1.pdf

PB2020-29 Phase I Commissary Site Plans - 021521.pdf

Exhibit - Phase I Commissary Rendering 020921.pdf

Exhibit - Phase II Building Renderings.pdf

Exhibit - Aerial 020921.pdf

PB2020-29 Engineering Review #1 01-28-2021.pdf

PB2020-29 Commissary Phase I MCR _12.21.20.pdf

PB2020-29 Commissary Phase I MCR.pdf

PB2020-29 Natural Resource Inventory for the Former Fort Monmouth Properties-4811438-v1.pdf

PB2020-29 Stormwater Management Compliance Statement.pdf

03-23-2021 APPROVED